Wordiness In Essay Writing

Wordiness In Essay Writing
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We’re going to look at the topic of wordiness which basically means having too many words in your writing using too many words to express a simple or even a complicated idea okay now this is a very common problem in writing especially and it’s not only for non-native English users native speakers do this all the time as well so we’re going to look at a few ways that you can reduce or minimize wordiness in your writing okay this will make your writing better it will make it clearer and it will make it more interesting now for those of you who have seen my video on how to achieve sentence variety in your writing a lot of the rules that we learned there apply here as well okay so let’s start with what are we talking about so wordiness basically means using more words than necessary to express an idea. Learn how to avoid wordiness at Robotdon.

A big common factor in this is redundancy and repetition so redundancy means expressing the same idea again implicitly so you’re not using the exact same words but the one sentence in the next sentence essentially say the same thing sometimes it’ll be in the beginning of the paragraph the next one comes at the end sometimes they’ll be in different paragraphs but this is a very common problem when you’re saying the same thing twice now it can also happen within a sentence where you’re saying something that’s already understood by what you said before okay and repetition is saying the same thing again explicitly basically saying the exact same words or the exact same idea in two different sentences basically you don’t need to do that it’s extra words it doesn’t actually add anything to your essay to your writing now why is this a problem and yes it is a problem okay first of all if your write a lot and you say little it’s not very good right it means well what are what is the purpose of all these words if you’re not actually saying anything with them that’s one problem if you’re going to be if you’re going to have a wordiness if you’re using too many words to express an idea that means that you have fewer words to use to actually support your idea or your argument.

If you’re writing for a test for example for IELTS or TOEFL or any other exam and you have to write about 300 words let’s say for the IELTS if you’re using a lot of words to explain one simple idea then you’re going to get to the 300 very quickly and you maybe haven’t developed your argument enough you put all your words in your essays getting too long you just want to finish it and move on but you haven’t actually said very much you haven’t supported your arguments very well so this is a problem if you’re using too many words and you’re just not saying very much as we mentioned before the essay they’re writing is a little bit bland a little bit boring not very fun for the reader to get into it.

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