Seasonal Decorative Lighting Ideas for Home Decor

Seasonal Decorative Lighting Ideas for Home Decor
Seasonal Decorative Lighting Ideas for Home Decor
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Chris Table Lamp by Barbara Cosgrove

Lighting can make a marvelous impact within and outside the home. The use of lighting effect dates back to medieval days when castles and manor houses used to be decorated with torches in a manner that indirect lighting effects were created. Today the technology exists to completely transform a home every season of the year. There are varieties of lighting methods and the kind you would use would depend on variables like the size and location of your home, the amount of money you’re willing to spend and the amount of specialization you’d want in the lighting effects.

Living space lighting is the first place you’d want any changes made. Ideally, a mixture of indirect light, focus lamps and colored light should be used so as to bring out the  the best within the room. Depending on the season, the lights could be accented or dimmed to give a more open or even a more intimate feeling to the living space. Indirect lighting could be either golden or white fluorescent lighting and could reflect off either ceilings or walls.

Dimmer controls should be appropriately placed for each set of lights, preferably according to which ‘wall’ the lights are on. But if this is too technical, the simple way to enhance the lighting would be to place lamps about the living space; table lamps as well as floor lamps so as to create the required effect. These lamps may have their covers changed to suit the season and even have the light source changed from between high wattage to low wattage illumination according to season.

This kind of lighting may be extended throughout the interior of the house. But besides the living room, the next places for decorative lighting for your xmas decorating season would be the bedroom and the dining area. The bedroom lighting would create a more intimate surrounding; while dining room lighting would concentrate on simply dimming and focusing light on food and specific decorative accessories to highlight the season.


External lighting though can really bring out the flavor of the season, especially if there are festivities due. Garden lighting can enhance the effect of foliage in trees and hedges and make these look more attractive. These may be used through various seasons to highlight different aspects of the foliage as well as being used during winter to highlight snow on the plants if there is any. Also, there are a variety of decorative lights available that are suitable for seasonal festivities such as blinking lights, par-cans, and focus lamps.

All said, lighting within and outside the home, makes for excellent seasonal decorative features. These are especially suited for national and religious seasonal festivals and add much liveliness and spirit to the home. While being prudent in your use of lighting, exploring the advantages of using light to change the look and feel of your home according to the season is definitely worth exploring.


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