Architects And Architecture – A Brief History

Architects And Architecture – A Brief History
Architects And Architecture – A Brief History

One doesn’t usually think of architecture as being an art form, but it is.  Many architectural experiments were proposed by well-known engineers and architects.  Frank Lloyd Wright, an American architect drew up plans for a building one mile high!  R. Buckminster Fuller, an American engineer proposed the possibility of making a giant dome, enough to cover an entire city!  He was thinking that by doing this, the climate could be well controlled and make living easier in frozen or desert places.  

In order to create successful architecture, the designer or architect has to be mindful and able to meet certain requirements in their resume.  The building that he or she is designing must be strong, of sound construction and able to suit the function for which it is being built.  The beauty of the size and shape of the structure and the balance of the different parts comes from the architect’s artistic and technical insights and gifts.  

Construction is essentially a science.  Architects nowadays know the various right ways to build a structure.  From past experiments long ago, today’s architects understand what materials to use, what weight they will bear and which ones are strong or weak.  They also have learned which materials will resist the sun and rains harm and how to fasten these materials together properly.  

One of the earliest architectural examples is the Egyptian tombs.  Since the pharaohs, (the kings) were regarded as gods; their final resting places had to last forever.  These tombs are called pyramids and some are still standing after 5,000 years!  About 2,700 BC the great tomb of King Zoser was built by the architect Imhotep.  It was as high as a 20 storey building and built using giant steps.  This is the earliest record today that we have of an architect and his client!  

The Mesopotamians, who lived between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, built towns and temples made of mud bricks with reeds since they had no trees to construct their buildings.  These people covered their structures with glazed tiles. These glazes were melted at a high heat and then fused with bricks for a hard, shiny surface. Their houses were sometimes two stories high and the second story would open onto a balcony.  Sometimes they even whitewashed the outsides of their houses.  

The Greeks contributed to architecture by giving us the orders.  These are the styles for a column and its parts (shaft, capital and base) and also the entablature (architrave, frieze and cornice), which are the supports.  These Greek orders, called Doric, Ionic and Corinthian were later added to by the Romans and others.  These orders are still used in architecture to this day!   

After World War II, architecture started to move away from its boxlike severity of the era between the first and second World Wars.  Le Corbusier used reinforced concrete forms in the 1940s and 1950s.  One of his achievements was the Notre Dame du Haut at Ronchamp, France.  Its roof was curved and made of reinforced concrete held together by concrete struts.        

The recent trends that architects are using now are to build buildings that are energy and fuel efficient and economical.  Architects also are incorporating designs using solar energy and better insulating materials.  One can only dream of what kind of home we will be buying in the future!

Decorating the garden with a seasonal theme

Decorating the garden with a seasonal theme
Decorating the garden with a seasonal theme

If you have a garden, then you already have a canvas on which to enhance your home’s attractiveness. A garden has many possibilities available when you think about decoration. First of all, undertaking the planting of seasonal flowers, with a little effort, can work magic in the garden. If you have specific trees that bear fruit or flower during specific seasons, these can also be the highlight of your garden during the particular season. However, most folks don’t have the luxury of fruit bearing or flowering foliage in their gardens so a little creative decoration is what should be done.
Silk Garden Floral with Planter
The main space within a garden area is usually the lawn and other areas of grass. Grass is like blank slate and by itself looks beautiful. However the look of the grass may be enhanced with certain objects that reflect the season. In summer for instance, you could put out a bird bath on a pedestal. This will help by encouraging the birds in (which in themselves are seasonal attractions.
Daisy Print Garden Set by Wild & Wolf
Trees and bushes too can be decorated without making them look ugly. There are many cultures across the globe that attach colored string (or even bunches of colored string) to the branches of trees, so that these waft about in the breeze. If that’s not your style, you could place an outdoor lamp at the base of a large plant so that its leaves are highlighted from below at night when the lamp is switched on. Garden lighting in fact is fast becoming a decorative niche. Weaving lights through a hedge creates an exciting effect when the lights are switched on.
Playing with water too is fast gaining momentum as a popular mode of garden decor. During the winter, water frozen in an outdoor mould may be hand carved and left as a garden attraction for the entire winter period. The carving could be a modern abstract creation or represent an object or life-form. A summer water decoration would be a still pool or a large outdoor fish tank (if you live in a cold area, an outdoor fish tank may not be practical). An autumn and spring fascination may be setting up a decorative water fall that launches from the roof to a collection pond at ground level. Direction of water flow is maintained by stretching out string from the higher level to the lower.
Figurines have long been used in garden decoration and these may be rotated according to the season. Going with themes from folklore is popular and you could get really creative by delving into forgotten or unique figurines from a variety of global cultures. Garden gnomes especially may be dressed up according to the season and make for a unique conversational item.

Seasonal Decorative Lighting Ideas for Home Decor

Seasonal Decorative Lighting Ideas for Home Decor
Seasonal Decorative Lighting Ideas for Home Decor


Chris Table Lamp by Barbara Cosgrove

Lighting can make a marvelous impact within and outside the home. The use of lighting effect dates back to medieval days when castles and manor houses used to be decorated with torches in a manner that indirect lighting effects were created. Today the technology exists to completely transform a home every season of the year. There are varieties of lighting methods and the kind you would use would depend on variables like the size and location of your home, the amount of money you’re willing to spend and the amount of specialization you’d want in the lighting effects.

Living space lighting is the first place you’d want any changes made. Ideally, a mixture of indirect light, focus lamps and colored light should be used so as to bring out the  the best within the room. Depending on the season, the lights could be accented or dimmed to give a more open or even a more intimate feeling to the living space. Indirect lighting could be either golden or white fluorescent lighting and could reflect off either ceilings or walls.

Dimmer controls should be appropriately placed for each set of lights, preferably according to which ‘wall’ the lights are on. But if this is too technical, the simple way to enhance the lighting would be to place lamps about the living space; table lamps as well as floor lamps so as to create the required effect. These lamps may have their covers changed to suit the season and even have the light source changed from between high wattage to low wattage illumination according to season.

This kind of lighting may be extended throughout the interior of the house. But besides the living room, the next places for decorative lighting for your xmas decorating season would be the bedroom and the dining area. The bedroom lighting would create a more intimate surrounding; while dining room lighting would concentrate on simply dimming and focusing light on food and specific decorative accessories to highlight the season.


External lighting though can really bring out the flavor of the season, especially if there are festivities due. Garden lighting can enhance the effect of foliage in trees and hedges and make these look more attractive. These may be used through various seasons to highlight different aspects of the foliage as well as being used during winter to highlight snow on the plants if there is any. Also, there are a variety of decorative lights available that are suitable for seasonal festivities such as blinking lights, par-cans, and focus lamps.

All said, lighting within and outside the home, makes for excellent seasonal decorative features. These are especially suited for national and religious seasonal festivals and add much liveliness and spirit to the home. While being prudent in your use of lighting, exploring the advantages of using light to change the look and feel of your home according to the season is definitely worth exploring.


How To Choose Decorative Wallpaper Patterns for Christmas

How To Choose Decorative Wallpaper Patterns for Christmas
How To Choose Decorative Wallpaper Patterns for Christmas

When it comes to decorative wallpaper, many things stand out, especially the patterns. When you start shopping, you will find a wide range of wallpaper patterns to choose for Christmas. Patterns help to add visual interest to the room. They can also add lots of great texture, accent colors and they can be a good way to pick up on other patterns in the space you want to emphasize.

As you think about the tips listed below, remember that wallpaper choices should factor into the entire area well.  in other words, the furniture, the color scheme, the carpeting and even the drapery all will affect the visual effect of any amount of wallpaper. With that in mind, consider the following tips and style choices and how well they will fit any room you place them into.

Geometric patterns can be one option in decorative wallpaper. They have a variety of lines to them, which adds to the visual appeal they offer. Look for wallpaper that offers a plaid look. Stripes, grids even circles and waves can be found in a variety of wallpaper options. When smaller patterns are used with geometric shapes, you get a less striking look, while still getting the modern vibe to the space. If you use many vertical lines in the wallpaper, the ceiling will look higher in the space.

SERENITY Wallpaper Print in Red by Linda Barker

Another option is to look for a large print. Large print patterns make a very bold statement. This can be a good thing for those who are hoping to draw more attention to the space. Remember though that the larger and bolder the pattern is, the smaller the room will feel when you step into it.

Perhaps the most common wallpaper pattern is the overall print. This print may be smaller but it is more present in the space since it is repeated throughout the space more often. This can be an effective way to add character and charm to a room while still making the room feel spacious. Use these overall patterns to add color to a room or to help the room to feel more comfortable. Overall patterns work in just about all spaces.

MYSTERIOUS Wallpaper Print in Green by Julien Macdonald

Another way to choose decorative wallpaper patterns for Christmas is to select a small print. Small prints are harder to see from far away but they help to break up the color of the walls. They add some subtle charm to the room without screaming that they are there. This is often an attractive option for smaller spaces such as a bathroom, bedroom or kitchen area.

Any of these decorative wallpaper options are available in a multitude of colors and styles. Patterns do play an overall role in the way the room is viewed through. Keep this in mind as you select the right one for your space.


Home Accents and Home Accessories for Christmas

Home Accents and Home Accessories for Christmas
Home Accents and Home Accessories for Christmas


Home accents create a distinct and creative feel to the house during Christmas , which is unique to the taste of the people living there. The aura created by various accent products provides a relaxing appeal to the house which is both soothing and inviting to the residents. There are various home accents products for Christmas listed below which can help you make that dream home.

Sculptures, Statues and Figurines- These provide an artistic appeal to the existing designs. These can be used to accent tables, mantle tops and even entire rooms (large sculptures).

5′ Double Ball Leucodendron Topiary with Decorative Vase (Indoor/Outdoor)

Vases- There are unique and stylish vases available which add a vibrant and personalized feel to your household. These are available in glass and ceramic and bring a very lively appeal to the drawing room.


Photo Frames – Photo frames are the most fundamental enhancing items for your home accents products during Christmas which can be added to your home. These can be personalized according to the existing designs. They also provide a peek into the lives of the people living in the house. Huge family portraits greatly enhance the walls and create a very unique feel to the house.

Large Pillar Candles by India Rose in Various Colors

Candles and Clocks- Often the ignored items, these can say a lot about the people living in the house. Elegant glass candle holders create a distinct appeal. Clocks should always be such selected which complements the wall color and the existing design.

Table Accents- You can impress your guests with unique, inventive and classy table centerpieces. At the same time, be careful not to select over-the-top table accents.

Another example of home accessories for Christmas is storage items- There are very unique and decorative storage items available like baskets, trays, urns, racks and canisters.

Garden decor would be incomplete without paying attention to the garden. Unique garden benches available in various designs like glass mosaic, rich wood, pedestal-style garden benches etc. add to the exterior appeal of the house. Trellises available in metallic style or obelisk style add to the overall look. Garden arbors and stakes can also be used to enhance the beauty of the garden.


Decorative Modern Bath Accessories for Christmas

Decorative Modern Bath Accessories for Christmas
Decorative Modern Bath Accessories for Christmas

Many of us have homes that didn’t come with much in the way of storage options so we’ve had to make our own. Thankfully, there are many attractive products on the market that make it easy to organize and decorate at the same time. Gone are the days when cold metal shelving was the storage option of the day. Now, we have a wide variety of choices when we need to make our available space work harder. Chances are, no matter what size your bathroom is, you could use more storage so we’ll look at some of the most attractive bathroom storage ideas.
The Bathroom Door
For smaller bathrooms, the inside of the bathroom door presents the largest potential storage area in the entire room. Don’t let this precious storage space go to waste! There are a variety of options you can choose to make this space work for you and still look attractive as well. You can hang over the door bags or hooks to organize a lot of things. In the same space that you can hang one hook and one bathrobe, you can also hang an entire shoe bag and fill the pockets with toiletries and hand and face towels. Or you can skip the shoe bag or jewelry bag and hang a variety of hooks and maybe even a bar or two across the door to hold towels.

If you plan on adding shelving units, look to the walls for vertical storage instead of taking up limited floor space. Even small shelves can hold towels and washcloths and a few of the items you need on an everyday basis. Think tall, skinny units for corners and you can stash a great deal of stuff and decorate at the same time.

I hope you are interested in this information and will find it useful and will continue reading the rest of in in the next post. If you have any suggestions or questions please leave them in the comments section below. I am reading all of your  comments and taking them into consideration. Thank you and have an great day!


Attractive Bathroom Storage Ideas for Christmas

Attractive Bathroom Storage Ideas for Christmas
Attractive Bathroom Storage Ideas for Christmas


If your bathroom doesn’t have any cabinets and if you have the floor space, opt for a free standing cabinet that will hold towels and toiletries. Look for one with adjustable shelves so you can design it to meet your needs.
Hang it up With Hooks
Stylish wall hooks are inexpensive and can hold a lot. Hang up brightly colored towels to add a splash of color to your bathroom. Also, look for shelves that do double duty. Many single bathroom shelves have hooks underneath to hang up towels or robes. Look for small areas to hang just one or two hooks or line them up against the wall for maximum storage.
Quilted Throws in Various Colors by India Rose
Towels, Towels, Towels and towels one more time
Bathroom towels is one of the most inexpensive and attractive things you can decorate your bathroom with ! Whether you hang them up or roll them up and put them in baskets or on shelves, towels are a natural and attractive decoration for bathrooms. If you have open shelves, fold some brightly colored towels and stack them up, hang a few on hooks or roll them up and put them in baskets. Attractive towels have a way of transforming a dull and drab bathroom into a warm and inviting one.

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