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Decorating the garden with a seasonal theme

Decorating the garden with a seasonal theme
Decorating the garden with a seasonal theme

If you have a garden, then you already have a canvas on which to enhance your home’s attractiveness. A garden has many possibilities available when you think about decoration. First of all, undertaking the planting of seasonal flowers, with a little effort, can work magic in the garden. If you have specific trees that bear fruit or flower during specific seasons, these can also be the highlight of your garden during the particular season. However, most folks don’t have the luxury of fruit bearing or flowering foliage in their gardens so a little creative decoration is what should be done.
Silk Garden Floral with Planter
The main space within a garden area is usually the lawn and other areas of grass. Grass is like blank slate and by itself looks beautiful. However the look of the grass may be enhanced with certain objects that reflect the season. In summer for instance, you could put out a bird bath on a pedestal. This will help by encouraging the birds in (which in themselves are seasonal attractions.
Daisy Print Garden Set by Wild & Wolf
Trees and bushes too can be decorated without making them look ugly. There are many cultures across the globe that attach colored string (or even bunches of colored string) to the branches of trees, so that these waft about in the breeze. If that’s not your style, you could place an outdoor lamp at the base of a large plant so that its leaves are highlighted from below at night when the lamp is switched on. Garden lighting in fact is fast becoming a decorative niche. Weaving lights through a hedge creates an exciting effect when the lights are switched on.
Playing with water too is fast gaining momentum as a popular mode of garden decor. During the winter, water frozen in an outdoor mould may be hand carved and left as a garden attraction for the entire winter period. The carving could be a modern abstract creation or represent an object or life-form. A summer water decoration would be a still pool or a large outdoor fish tank (if you live in a cold area, an outdoor fish tank may not be practical). An autumn and spring fascination may be setting up a decorative water fall that launches from the roof to a collection pond at ground level. Direction of water flow is maintained by stretching out string from the higher level to the lower.
Figurines have long been used in garden decoration and these may be rotated according to the season. Going with themes from folklore is popular and you could get really creative by delving into forgotten or unique figurines from a variety of global cultures. Garden gnomes especially may be dressed up according to the season and make for a unique conversational item.

Seasonal Decorative Lighting Ideas for Home Decor

Seasonal Decorative Lighting Ideas for Home Decor
Seasonal Decorative Lighting Ideas for Home Decor


Chris Table Lamp by Barbara Cosgrove

Lighting can make a marvelous impact within and outside the home. The use of lighting effect dates back to medieval days when castles and manor houses used to be decorated with torches in a manner that indirect lighting effects were created. Today the technology exists to completely transform a home every season of the year. There are varieties of lighting methods and the kind you would use would depend on variables like the size and location of your home, the amount of money you’re willing to spend and the amount of specialization you’d want in the lighting effects.

Living space lighting is the first place you’d want any changes made. Ideally, a mixture of indirect light, focus lamps and colored light should be used so as to bring out the  the best within the room. Depending on the season, the lights could be accented or dimmed to give a more open or even a more intimate feeling to the living space. Indirect lighting could be either golden or white fluorescent lighting and could reflect off either ceilings or walls.

Dimmer controls should be appropriately placed for each set of lights, preferably according to which ‘wall’ the lights are on. But if this is too technical, the simple way to enhance the lighting would be to place lamps about the living space; table lamps as well as floor lamps so as to create the required effect. These lamps may have their covers changed to suit the season and even have the light source changed from between high wattage to low wattage illumination according to season.

This kind of lighting may be extended throughout the interior of the house. But besides the living room, the next places for decorative lighting for your xmas decorating season would be the bedroom and the dining area. The bedroom lighting would create a more intimate surrounding; while dining room lighting would concentrate on simply dimming and focusing light on food and specific decorative accessories to highlight the season.


External lighting though can really bring out the flavor of the season, especially if there are festivities due. Garden lighting can enhance the effect of foliage in trees and hedges and make these look more attractive. These may be used through various seasons to highlight different aspects of the foliage as well as being used during winter to highlight snow on the plants if there is any. Also, there are a variety of decorative lights available that are suitable for seasonal festivities such as blinking lights, par-cans, and focus lamps.

All said, lighting within and outside the home, makes for excellent seasonal decorative features. These are especially suited for national and religious seasonal festivals and add much liveliness and spirit to the home. While being prudent in your use of lighting, exploring the advantages of using light to change the look and feel of your home according to the season is definitely worth exploring.


Home Accents and Home Accessories for Christmas

Home Accents and Home Accessories for Christmas
Home Accents and Home Accessories for Christmas


Home accents create a distinct and creative feel to the house during Christmas , which is unique to the taste of the people living there. The aura created by various accent products provides a relaxing appeal to the house which is both soothing and inviting to the residents. There are various home accents products for Christmas listed below which can help you make that dream home.

Sculptures, Statues and Figurines- These provide an artistic appeal to the existing designs. These can be used to accent tables, mantle tops and even entire rooms (large sculptures).

5′ Double Ball Leucodendron Topiary with Decorative Vase (Indoor/Outdoor)

Vases- There are unique and stylish vases available which add a vibrant and personalized feel to your household. These are available in glass and ceramic and bring a very lively appeal to the drawing room.


Photo Frames – Photo frames are the most fundamental enhancing items for your home accents products during Christmas which can be added to your home. These can be personalized according to the existing designs. They also provide a peek into the lives of the people living in the house. Huge family portraits greatly enhance the walls and create a very unique feel to the house.

Large Pillar Candles by India Rose in Various Colors

Candles and Clocks- Often the ignored items, these can say a lot about the people living in the house. Elegant glass candle holders create a distinct appeal. Clocks should always be such selected which complements the wall color and the existing design.

Table Accents- You can impress your guests with unique, inventive and classy table centerpieces. At the same time, be careful not to select over-the-top table accents.

Another example of home accessories for Christmas is storage items- There are very unique and decorative storage items available like baskets, trays, urns, racks and canisters.

Garden decor would be incomplete without paying attention to the garden. Unique garden benches available in various designs like glass mosaic, rich wood, pedestal-style garden benches etc. add to the exterior appeal of the house. Trellises available in metallic style or obelisk style add to the overall look. Garden arbors and stakes can also be used to enhance the beauty of the garden.