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The Main Steps of Writing a Case Study

The Main Steps of Writing a Case Study
The Main Steps of Writing a Case Study

Step One: Case Study

Choose one from 3 Types

Period 2 – 4 to 5 pages; 6 sources, minimum

Plus title page and Works Cited page

Periods 4 & 6 – 5 to 6 pages; 7 sources, minimum

Plus title page and Works Cited page

Period 1 – Honors – 7 to 8 pages; 9 sources minimum

Plus title page and Works Cited page


Use your good writing skills  to produce an interesting, original, significant formal case study.

  •  12-Point font, plain style font – not Courier
  • MLA form is mandatory (including one inch margins)
  • Pure double-space; not default spacing
  • Use transitions effectively and consistently
  • Use parenthetical citations (Jones 33) and a Works Cited page

Required Sources

  • One from Questia
  • One from Galileo
  • One from Google Scholar
  • One must be a periodical (Newspaper, magazine, or journal in paper or electronic form)
  • One must be a primary document

*Personal Interviews are an option, but must be cleared with teacher

Step Two:
Multi-Media Presentation

8-10 Minutes
10-15 Min. Honors Students


• Based on research paper, sources and original thought
• Illustrated with
o Relevant pictures
o Graphs that can be read from a distance
o Other useful, attractive graphics

Must include an “extra element” beyond PowerPoint – such as:

• Video
• Audio
• Original surveys / original research
• Display on a side table
• Costume or equipment
• Final product – such as a piece of artwork
• Fund raising element
• Other

First type of case study: Process Analysis

  1. Directive Version:

Teach the audience to do something

Concrete Examples:

How to effectively make a compost pile

How to build a deer stand

How to run a lawn cutting service

How to bake and sell homemade bread for a profit

Abstract Examples:

How to improve your memory

How to write a song

How to prepare for college

Combination Examples

How Twitter works and how to use it

  • Students will actually perform the process themselves.
  • They will document their work with still camera or video camera.
  1. Informative Version:

Explain how something works

Students will break down a complex process into logical steps, taking care to explain how one part relates to another


What happens to cans once they are placed in the recycling bin

How a Hollywood movie is made

How a good coach creates a winning team

How the US forces are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan

What process  a recruit goes through to become a solder, sailor, or marine

How TV ratings services work / including your own original research on what people are watching

  • Students will have to rely upon pure research to illustrate these topics
  • Students can augment their case study with original research